“Business is good and I love QBClips! Best decision I made going with QBClips.”
-Jim Bullard, NC

“Simplicity/Accuracy/Less time at the keyboard!”
-Tom Grimme, OH

“I started using QBClips as soon as I opened my first salon. I could never imagine inputting data manually each day to know how my business is performing. The QBClips team is very responsive and helpful. They go out of their way to make sure all is running smoothly.”
-Penny Boyce, AB Canada

“As far as inputting data, I have lots of better things to spend my time on and I still review the data, I just don’t have to manually input! For me, QBClips is kind of a check and balances proposition, and I like that.”
-Mickey Akers, IA

“Without a doubt, QBClips has helped me grow from 4 salons to the 17 salons I now have. It saves me about 10 hours every week.”
-Brad Melnick, TX

“There is no way we would have been able to bring the books in house for 18 salons without the help of QBClips. Literally 3 clicks every morning and all the previous days POS data is in QuickBooks. It could not be quicker or easier! I run QBClips every morning and download bank transactions every day. They match and the account is reconciled! The calendar is great. If I ever need to re-download a day for a particular salon it is right there. The Staff at QBClips is phenomenal. Their customer service was instrumental in our changeover! Always available and willing to help!!”
-Chris Moore, NC

“QBClips and QuickBooks Online (QBO) allow me to have the meaningful information properly accounted for within minutes for my salons. The system works and saves me a significant amount of time that I can spend on other matters that are critical to the success of the organization.”
-Michael Saraf, NY

“The entire QBClips process is an easy, efficient and accurate way to update QuickBooks. It’s the only way to go. I wish I had started using it from day one. I now have more time to manage my business and spend less time with administrative tasks. The daily accounting of POS data keeps me closer to my operation and enables me to make any adjustments quicker. The daily reconciliation of my bank account is more efficient than on a monthly basis. The staff at BusinessWise Training, Inc. /QBClips, LLC are professional, helpful and provide timely responses to every inquiry and suggestion. Their knowledge of Great Clips and QuickBooks make the process seamless.”
-Richard Chichetti, FL

“Take some time to look into this. The monthly fee is nominal; the time saved is substantial and the accuracy is 100%.”
-Dan Anthony, TX

“I am a CPA/CMA by training but I hate doing the bookkeeping “stuff” like making all the daily entries but I was conflicted because I wanted to know my cash position each day. When I found out that QBClips allowed me to post all my daily information in less than 5 minutes each day, I was hooked. Now I can’t imagine doing this any other way. It’s so simple – just go on-line, hit a button and it’s done. The support from QBClips is fabulous! They offer less than 24 hour turn around on problems and what other company ever lowered their price per month per salon.”
-Jean Hamilton, OR

“We love the service you provide with the automated entry from Salondata into our QuickBooks and the help you give us any time we need with QuickBooks issues and questions. We are not accountants and you make it easy and capable for us to run our business accounting!”
Many thanks!
-Anita &Bill Engel, IL

“QBClips has saved me countless hours of inputting sales information manually. I used to dread batch processing off the monthly summary report. Now I just click my mouse a few times and I have all my sales information for all my salons within minutes.”
-Pamela DeLoatch, NC