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Our Name Says It All: QuickBooks and Great Clips...Connected!

QBClips is a hosted software service that saves salon owners, bookkeepers and accountants hours each week by streaming Point of Sale data into QuickBooks.  It works great with the desktop and online versions of QuickBooks.

All you need is Quickbooks. There’s no other software to buy or install. And no long-term contracts. We provide all the Internet systems you need.  Run this service right from your browser.

Now You Can Stop Entering Data Manually!  Sign up today and go automatic!

Doing Your Own Bookkeeping Has Never Been So Fast!

With QBClips, you can easily create daily sales receipts to match your bank deposits, track your service and product sales, and much more in a fraction of the time you’d spend cranking out spreadsheets.

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What do Great Clips salon owners say about our service?

As far as inputting data, I have lots of better things to spend my time on and I still review the data. I just don’t have to manually input! For me, QBClips is kind of a check and balances proposition, and I like that.
Mickey Ackers

Salon Owner, Iowa

I started using QBClips as soon as I opened my first salon. I could never imagine inputting data manually each day to know how my business is performing. The QBClips team is very responsive and helpful. They go out of their way to make sure all is running smoothly.
Penny Boyce

Salon Owner, Alberta, Canada

Without a doubt, QBClips has helped me grow from 4 salons to the 17 salons I now have. It saves me about 10 hours every week.
Brad Melnick

Salon Owner, Texas

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