How QBClips Works

Captures Your Point of Sale Data

QBClips goes out to SalonData and captures your sales information for the day. Every day.

The Data Gets Formatted For QuickBooks

With the data captured from your Point of Sale, QBClips formats it to go into your QuickBooks Pro Desktop or QuickBooks Online versions.

Pull Your Sales Data Into QuickBooks When You Need It

With a few clicks of your mouse, your sales are imported into QuickBooks. You can do it daily. Once a week. Once a month. We store the data for you so you can work onĀ  your books when you want to.

Match Your Cash and Credit Card Deposits

Watch as your bank reconciliations become a breeze! Your sales receipts will match with the money going into your bank account. Keep track of the money going in and out and know when the best practices are not being followed with ease.

Creates Daily Sales Receipts

QBClips creates daily sales receipts for your Cash/Checks and Credit Card Sales. These receipts mirror the deposits that hit your bank account. It breaks out your product sales and service sales so you can pull an accurate profit & loss report and see where you are making money. If these receipts do not match with the deposits that are hitting your bank, that may be a warning sign that the best practices are not being followed.

Tracks the Cash In and Out of Your Register

Don’t let another dollar sneak away from you! QBClips tracks your Miscellaneous paid in and outs, your Cash Over/Short, and Till Cash Payable. Without physically being at the salon, know when you need to bring in cash to replenish the till and when money is being taken out and put back in.

Tracks Your Gift Cards Sold & Redeemed

With a few clicks of your mouse, you will know how much in gift cards you have made and are waiting to be redeemed. Our knowledgeable support staff will teach you how to understand your Stored Value System reports and reconcile these accounts so you know your liability to these customers and when this amount becomes income.

Handles the Accounting for the Electronic Tip Payment

Using the ADP Tip Program? We can help with that! Know at the end of each day how much you need to have in the account so your stylists can use their tips.

Creates Bills for Ad & Franchise Fees and Payroll Timesheets

Want to keep your Ad and Franchise Fees in the month they were invoiced for a more accurate Profit & Loss? We make it easy! QBClips will create the bills in QuickBooks for you to pay! We also offer a Payroll Timesheet for QuickBooks Desktop for those who do payroll themselves.

Get Started With Your Free Trial Today

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