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What Is QBClips?

Captures Your Point of Sale Data

QBClips goes out to SalonData and captures your sales information for the day. Every day.

The Data Gets Formatted For QuickBooks

With the data captured from your Point of Sale, QBClips formats it to go into your QuickBooks Pro Desktop or QuickBooks Online versions.

Pull Your Sales Data Into QuickBooks When You Need It

With a few clicks of your mouse, your sales are imported into QuickBooks. You can do it daily. Once a week. Once a month. We store the data for you so you can work on  your books when you want to.

Match Your Cash and Credit Card Deposits

Watch as your bank reconciliations become a breeze! Your sales receipts will match with the money going into your bank account. Keep track of the money going in and out and know when the best practices are not being followed with ease.

What do Great Clips salon owners say about our service?

As far as inputting data, I have lots of better things to spend my time on and I still review the data. I just don’t have to manually input! For me, QBClips is kind of a check and balances proposition, and I like that.
Mickey Ackers

Salon Owner, Iowa

I started using QBClips as soon as I opened my first salon. I could never imagine inputting data manually each day to know how my business is performing. The QBClips team is very responsive and helpful. They go out of their way to make sure all is running smoothly.
Penny Boyce

Salon Owner, Alberta, Canada

Without a doubt, QBClips has helped me grow from 4 salons to the 17 salons I now have. It saves me about 10 hours every week.
Brad Melnick

Salon Owner, Texas

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